About your owner/creator

Hey I'm Robin creator of DressMeUp727. Here's the short long version of my story. I always had dreams of being my own boss and having my own business, but was always scared and too shy to do it. I've spent years working and working and working and just tired of giving my all and not feeling appreciated. My life changed a couple months ago, I was working my previous job and got to the point of not wanting to be here living like this. "This" meaning not happy with my job, feeling like I'm doing nothing with my life, and most importantly my mental health was being effected. It was a Saturday, after my shift was over, I said no more. I deserve happiness, I deserve to be fulfilled with what I do, I deserve peace and I deserve my mental health. That night I made a vision board detailing what I wanna do with my life and where I see my future. My future is being my own boss and doing what I love..... helping others and making others feel good. I've always been a creative person , so I came up with jewelry cause I thought it was cool and unique. I needed something to relax me and give me better patience, and boy does it. I feel a person is beautiful inside and out, I'm here to add a little bling to the outside. Even though this is just the beginning, I'm already feeling better. I'm not as stressed as I was and I wake up everyday excited to be here for myself and for you. Thank you for allowing me to share a little bit of me with you.