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BYEPAIN Wooden Exercise Roller/Muscle Roller

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$25.95 USD
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Wooden Roller Body Massage: Wood Massage Tool

Wooden Massage Roller: Wooden Exercise Roller

Wood Massager: Manual Massage Sticks 

Wood Body Sculpting Tools: Massager Wooden 

Muscle Roller Stick: Massage Roller Wooden Stick 

Leg Roller Wood: Massage Roller Stick 

Leg Massager Roller: Cellulite Massager Wood 

Hamstring Roller: Roller Massager 

Calf Roller: Deep Tissue Massager Roller 

Body Sculpting Massage Tools: Back Massager Wooden 

Body Roller Massager: Thigh Roller 

Back Roller Massager Stick: Neck Roller Massage 

Wood Body Massage Tool: Wood Therapy Massage Tool

Material: Wooden Massage Roller 

Guasha: Lymphatic Drainage

Application: Body